"Our office has used High Speed
Service for years. We've never found
any other repair company as prompt
or as professional."

The Company

High Speed Service was founded by Vern Tunnel in 1992. A former business owner, Vern began working for a large mail-order handpiece repair company, where he soon saw a flaw in the way they did business. He realized that what dentists really needed was their handpieces back in service right away, not tied up in the mail or at some distant repair shop. High Speed Service was Vern’s mobile on-site service solution to this problem. Vern expanded to dealers across North America, becoming the only nationwide mobile on-site handpiece service network.

Our goal is to grow our network of dealers until we become the only name dentists think of when they need fast, affordable, and personalized handpiece service.

Why Are We Different?

1. Mobile on-site service helps you today:
We service your handpiece on location and right away in our fully equipped mobile service center. Mail-in repair services can often take days or even weeks to get your handpiece back to you.

2. Emergency service:
We specialize in same-day on-site repairs of all kinds, most completed in about an hour.

3. We prolong handpiece life:
Ask about our in-office proactive Maintenance and Service Program that eliminates frequent breakdowns.

4. Save time and money:
We know when you only need a quick repair instead of an expensive handpiece or turbine replacement.

5. Single-source solution:
Highspeed, slowspeed, air and electric... we do it all.

6. Access to state-of-the-art technology:
Well-trained dealers: On-going training on new parts and components means we always offer the latest in handpiece technology and service techniques.

7. Quality parts and products:
High-quality parts and components are used in all our repairs. Need a new handpiece? No problem, we sell a wide selection of handpieces and handpiece-related products.

8. Value:
All our work is guaranteed with a competitive parts and service warranty.

9. Training services:
We can train your clinic staff to perform lubrication, sterilization and cleaning procedures, reducing the need for repeated repairs.

10. Handpiece focused:
We are the nation’s only handpiece-dedicated, mobile on-site service solution. This is all what we do, and nobody does it better... or faster!